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Released On 4/16/2013 8:55:00 AM For wk4/13, 2013
Store Sales Y/Y change2.5 %2.0 %

Store sales are not getting the bounce this month that many expected, at least not yet. Redbook's year-on-year same-store sales rate is plus 2.0 percent in the April 13 week which is down five tenths from the prior week and down 1 full percentage point from the week before that. In an offset, the report notes that the latest rate reflects a tough comparison with the year-ago week which was boosted by Easter demand.

Redbook also attributes the latest weakness to a post-Easter merchandise shift and notes that sales in warm weather regions are doing better than not-so-warm regions. Cold weather held down sales in March, especially sales of spring goods, and today's reports from Redbook and ICSC-Goldman do not point to improvement yet for April.

A weekly measure of comparable store sales at chain stores, discounters, and department stores. It is a less consistent indicator of retail sales than the weekly ICSC-Goldman index. It is also calculated differently than other indicators. For instance, figures for the first week of the month are compared with the average for the entire previous month. When two weeks are available, then these are compared with the average for the previous month, and so on through the month. It might be more useful to compare year-over-year figures since these are indeed compared to the comparable week a year ago. This index is correlated with the general merchandise portion of retail sales covering about 10 percent of total retail sales.  Why Investors Care

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