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Chain Store Sales  
Released On 2/8/2018 For Jan, 2018

Auto makers may have reported weak sales in January but not chain stores which are reporting accelerating rates. This hints at another month of strength for ex-auto ex-gas and the control group, two readings in the retail sales report that each rose a solid 0.4 percent in December following outstanding 1.2 percent gains for both in November.

Monthly sales volumes from individual department, discount, apparel, and drugstore chains are usually reported on the first Thursday of each month. Chain store sales correspond with roughly 10 percent of retail sales. Chain store sales are an indicator of retail sales and consumer spending trends. There is no official composite number for each month's sales, merely sales figures for individual chains. Also, which chains release monthly numbers varies over time as corporate policies sometimes change in regard to providing monthly numbers to the public in addition to quarterly data.  Why Investors Care

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