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Corporate Profits  
Released On 3/28/2018 8:30:00 AM For Q4:17
After-tax Profits - Y/Y change9.8 %-6.0 %

Going into 2018, corporate profits weren't getting any tax-related boost. After-tax corporate profits fell a year-on-year 6.0 percent in the fourth quarter to $1.68 trillion compared to a 5.8 percent decline on a pre-tax basis to $2.13 trillion. Profits are after tax without inventory valuation or capital consumption adjustments.

Corporate profits are derived from the national income and product accounts and are expressed in several measures. Econoday's focus is on the most relevant measure for the total economy, after-tax profits.  Why Investors Care
Corporate profits are key in the determination of a company's stock price. When corporate profits are rising, then stock prices will likely rise; when profits are falling, then equity prices will probably decline as well. Corporate profits are one of the more volatile series on a yearly basis. Profits are the residual - the left over - from revenues after expenses are taken out - and taxes for after-tax corporate profits. While each component (revenues, expenses, and taxes) is not that volatile, the net is.
Data Source: Haver Analytics

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