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Market Reflections  

January 26, 2018
Fourth-quarter GDP proved stronger than the 2.6 percent headline as consumer spending, driven by durables, surged at a 3.8 percent rate. Both residential and business investment were also strong while negatives in the report, the trade deficit and slowing inventories, have hidden strengths, strong exports for the former and the need to restock for the latter.

The dollar index ended a very soft week, down 1.7 percent to 89.12 and just off a 3-year low at midweek. Oil, benefiting from talk of OPEC production cuts, jumped a weekly 4.2 percent to $66.14 while gold also had a good week, up 1.5 percent to $1,354. And once again the stock market had an exceptional week, up 2.1 percent for the Dow which has gained 7.7 percent so far this year.

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