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30-Yr TIPS Auction  
Released On 6/21/2018 1:00:00 PM For 6/21/2018 1:00:00 PM
Auction Results
Total Amount$5.0 B 
30-Year TIPS Auction Rate0.934 
CUSIP Number912810SB5 
Originally Announced CUSIP912810SB5 

A pint-sized $5 billion offering size gave a lift to coverage, at a solid 2.62, for today's auction of 30-year inflation protected bonds. Yet recent pressure in producer prices and import prices may be also be raising demand as non-dealers took down a very sizable 81 percent of the auction.

The Treasury sells Treasury Inflation-Protected Securities, also known as TIPS, at regularly scheduled auctions. Competitive bids at these single-price auctions determine the interest rate paid on each issue, which remains fixed. Note the interest rate cannot be negative with the Treasury setting a minimum of 0.125 percent. A group of securities dealers, known as primary dealers, are authorized and obligated to submit competitive tenders at Treasury auctions. Dealers can hold the TIPS, resell them to their clients or trade them with other securities firms. Typically, the New York Fed approves about 20 securities firms to be primary dealers but that number dropped sharply during the 2008 financial crisis as some were merged into other firms or went bankrupt. The Fed has been rebuilding that number regularly and the latest list can be found here. The Treasury usually announces the amount, date and time of the 30-year TIPS auction in mid-February for the original issues and mid-month June and October for the reopenings. In original issuance as well as reopenings, 30-year TIPS are usually auctioned on the next to the last Thursday of the relevant month. These TIPS are issued (settled) on the last business day of the month but they have a mid-month maturity date. Consequently, investors who purchase these securities at auction are required to pay the interest accrued between the 15th of the month and the issue date.  Why Investors Care

Data Source: Haver Analytics
The yield on the 30-year TIPS bond hovers near yields of much shorter term notes, reflecting its guarantee against inflation risk. This chart shows the high yield awarded at 30-year TIPS auctions from February 2010 up to and including the latest auction results.
Data Source: Haver Analytics

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