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Consumer Sentiment  
Released On 7/1/2011 8:55:00 AM For Jun(f), 2011
 PriorConsensusConsensus RangeActual
Sentiment Index - Level71.8 71.8 71.0  to 73.0 71.5 

Consumer sentiment proved very weak in June, at 71.5 vs 74.3 in May in what is a sizable dip. Compared to the mid-month reading of 71.8, the final June reading implies slight weakening into month end. In a special negative, the weakness is centered in the leading component of expectations which fell two points from mid-month to 64.8 and which compares with May's 69.5. Current conditions actually improved, to 82.0 in June vs a mid-month 79.6 and May's 81.9. One-year inflation expectations eased two tenths to 3.8 percent with 5-year expectations unchanged at 3.0 percent. High unemployment and high gas and food costs continue to drag down consumer spirits in news which isn't good for the nation's retailers.

Consensus Outlook
The Reuter's/University of Michigan's Consumer sentiment index in mid-June dipped 2.5 points from final May to 71.8. The weakening was led by a 2.7 point drop in the expectations component to 66.8 while the current conditions index slipped 2.3 points to 79.6. Inflation expectations remain anchored as the one-year outlook dipped one tenth to 4.0 percent and the five-year nudged up only one tenth to 3.0 percent.

The University of Michigan's Consumer Survey Center questions 600 households each month on their financial conditions and attitudes about the economy. Consumer sentiment is directly related to the strength of consumer spending. Consumer confidence and consumer sentiment are two ways of talking about consumer attitudes. Among economic reports, consumer sentiment refers to the Michigan survey while consumer confidence refers to The Conference Board's survey. Preliminary estimates for a month are released at mid-month. Final estimates for a month are released near the end of the month. Why Investors Care
Consumer sentiment is mainly affected by inflation and employment conditions. However, consumers are also impacted by current events such as bear & bull markets, geopolitical events such as war and terrorist attacks. Investors monitor consumer sentiment because it tends to have an impact on consumer spending over the long run (although not necessarily on a monthly basis.)


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